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Fall 2016 OSAP & the Confirmation of Enrolment Process

Published on: Mon, 08/01/2016
Last Modified: Tue, 08/02/2016 - 9:44pm

If you are receiving OSAP/OTG or OTG only funding, once your application is complete and OSAP notifies us that your funding is ready to be released to you, provided that you are registered in the required course load, Student Awards & Financial Aid will electronically confirm your enrolment with the OSAP program at the beginning of your study period.  Once this is done, you will receive an email to confirm that the process has been completed.

If you are paying all or a portion of your fees with your OSAP funding, you may be exempt from paying your tuition by the deadline for the portion that is covered by your OSAP or OTG funding to accommodate the timing of the OSAP confirmation of enrolment process.

To understand all of the steps leading up to the confirmation of enrolment process visit: