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In order to preserve the confidentiality of students financial records with the University of Windsor, the staff in the Cashiers' Office are required to maintain a strict confidentiality policy regarding student's financial accounts:

  • The staff cannot allow anybody but the student themselves to access information from their accounts, without the authorization of the student. This includes the production of receipts, statements, or refunds, as well as the discussion of any details of their financial record.
  • Failure to adhere to this policy may result in disciplinary action against the staff member.
  • The University of Windsor Senate Bylaws prohibit the release of a student ID number to anyone but the student, without exception.  If you do not know the ID number of the student, you must contact them directly and obtain it from them.

However, we recognize that parents often are the ones who pay the student's account, therefore the Cashiers Office has created a process to allow students to authorize us to speak fully to any individuals that they wish us to discuss their financial accounts with. This authorization form is available though myUWindsor, under the Financial tab.  The authorization is limited to the financial record, is granted on an annual basis and can be cancelled by the student at anytime.