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Dr. Martha Reavley is part of the ‘Women of Windsor’ exhibit at the Art Gallery of Windsor

A new exhibit at the Art Gallery of Windsor is honouring the city's most influential women.

A grand opening was held Wednesday night for 'Women of Windsor'.

The exhibit is the work of local photographer Mike Kovaliv and features black and white photos of 20 women who have had a major impact on Windsor.

Outgoing Director of the Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Carol Derbyshire is one of the women included in the showcase. She says it was a unique experience to be part of. "It was interesting because none of us knew who was involved. So it was fun to find out who else was involved and I think it's a wonderful idea. He has done a beautiful job capturing people's inner personality." Derbyshire says events like this are important.

"It's always a good thing because it encourages young people to step up because we need that. Many of us, like me, are getting older and it's time for somebody to step up and take my place in the community and others. So hopefully this will encourage them."

The owner of the Lifetime Wellness Center, Dr. Michelle Prince, is part of the exhibit as well and says it's an honour to be included in such a high-profile group of women.

"It's a little staggering to be included in such an honourable group of women, people who have really changed the face of our community in large and small ways. Sometimes the smaller ways can be magnificent and I think this group speak volumes for what Windsor has in its population."

In addition to Derbyshire and Prince, Sheila Barker, Sherrilynn Colley-Vegh, Patti France, Andrea Grimes, Nour Hachem, Leigh Ann and Tereza Hello, Amber Hunter, Jennifer Jones, Janice Kaffer, Doris Lapico, Maureen Lucas, Federica Nazzani, Yvonne Pilon, Micheline Rawlins, Martha Reavley, Chantal Vallee, Sheila Wisdom and Stephanie Zekelman are recognized as well.

'Women of Windsor' will be on display at the art gallery until October 14.