Golden Future-Schlosser & Kalaci
Paul Schlosser(left) and Gary Kalaci (right) with high school students in Khayelitsha, South Africa

Golden Future: Business Micro-Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Paul Schlosser, a third year Business student in the Odette School of Business, travelled this past spring to Cape Town, South Africa with a team of 20 fellow university students as part of the Golden Future South Africa project for the purpose of assisting the area in their development of effective micro-enterprise initiatives and HIV/AIDS. The hope of the trip is to increase awareness to decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS, as well as foster social responsibility and community development initiatives.

The team focused on a high school in the impoverished area of Khayelitsha, South Africa, and its surrounding businesses. Their goal was to attack the systemic social and economic problems by assisting small businesses with growth strategies that will help them become more financially viable in the near future.

In the high school the Golden Future team got to the root of the problem by fostering entrepreneurial growth, life skills, and health awareness education to the students. Through the Golden Future project, students from various walks of life come together to foster friendships and relationships that emphasize self-worth, entrepreneurial thinking, and a bright future.

No matter what continent you are on, the core principles of starting a business are the same. Paul found that the hardest, yet most rewarding challenge while in South Africa was learning from cultural differences and more importantly discovering that despite having few material possessions, their aspirations and future business goals are much like our own – it is our aim to help them expand and reach these aspirations.

Golden Future South Africa aims to nurture and support various communities in South Africa by creating sustainable projects, which will provide student volunteers the opportunity to become global leaders of tomorrow.

Golden Future South Africa, initiated by Golden Key International Honour Society Windsor Chapter in 2007, is a five-year outreach project aimed at improving the lives of youth and vulnerable communities in Cape Town, South Africa. The project aims to foster and promote sustainable change in Cape Town by emphasizing: personal health awareness, life skills development, self-empowerment, and economic sustainability and growth. Moreover, Golden Future aims to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in the hopes of decreasing its spread, as well as fostering social responsibility and community development initiatives.