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Henry Ford Hospital Exec Visits Odette


Dr. John Popovich centre, seated Laura Daniel, Josh Oviawe, standing Clark Wiebe

Dr. John Popovich is the President  & Chief Executive Officer of Henry Ford Hospital and the Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer of the Henry Ford Health System. Recently, students at Odette were fortunate enough to hear him speak on various topics within the medical industry, including the keys to successful mergers and acquisitions within the healthcare industry.  


His advice centred around the importance of culture within a workplace, how culture can make or break an organization and how decisions must take culture into consideration as a factor. He reminded the students how critical it is to surround yourself with great team of members who can support you in your decision making. As a corporation in today's society, it is important to understand the values, culture and driving behaviour of colleagues and employees.  


This advice is especially relevant in the process of mergers and acquisitions.  The employees can be the greatest stakeholders in these deals and their opinions can dictate the terms.  These types of deals will continue to be prevalent in the healthcare industry in order to continue to drive down costs and increase profits.