MBA Class of 2014
MBA Class of 2014 pictured at the annual summer luncheon

MBA student achievements honoured at annual luncheon

The MBA class of 2014 was invited to a summer luncheon on Wednesday, July 24 to honour all that students have accomplished throughout their first year in the program.

Odette MBA Director, Dr. Gerry Kerr, thanked his students for choosing the Odette School of Business and reminded everyone of what makes the Odette MBA such a special program…

"You are the person who chose small over large; who wanted to mix theory and practice, rather than focusing on one or the other; who elected to meld your many talents with those of a select group of others, rather than working alone or being lost in a crowd. You are the people who will create and grow the value of the degree you receive and the school that bestowed it. In the past year, you have come to know yourself more completely, to build your strengths and address your weaknesses. The work is now nearly done, at least within the walls of Odette. The time has now come to fully earn your diplomas, and they are so much more than a piece of paper – rather, they are the singular sign of your achievement. Please, never forget the many benefits and responsibilities that those simple pieces of paper represent.”

The luncheon continued with an awards ceremony to recognize individual student achievements. Please see the comprehensive list of award recipients that follows below.

The MBA class will now embark on their summer internships and exchange programs before completing their degrees at the end of the fifth and final program module this coming fall.  The event concluded with each student receiving an Odette diploma frame they will be able to use to proudly display their diplomas – once achieved.

Congratulations to the following award recipients:
Financial Post Graduate Student Award - Pratik Gautam
Charles Zalev Business Excellence - Justin Philpott
Don Riley Award - Celso Oliveira
John & Maria Simpson Graduate Scholarship - Stephanie Quan & William Ma
J.R. Calcott Memorial Fund - Celso Oliveira
Denise Gervais Memorial Award - Stephanie Quan
Make-a-Difference Award - Celso Oliveira
The MBA Society also recognized the following individuals with their awards:
MBA Enhancement Award - Chrissy Kelton
MBA Best Presenter Award - David Mele
MBA Most Improved Presenter Award - David Green
MBA Leadership Award - Vince Mazza
MBA Award of Merit - William Ma
MBA Mentorship Award - Professor Jim Marsh
MBA Professor of the Year - Dr. Gerry Kerr