Mission & Vision

The Odette School of Business’s mission is:


To equip graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to improve business practice and leadership by:

  • Creating degree and certificate programs focused on participant experience and self-development to produce graduates who thrive within the complexity of global business practice;
  • Producing scholarship aimed at improving business and management thought, practice, and education;
  • Nurturing meaningful relationships with key external stakeholders; and
  • Promoting and recognizing curricular, scholarly, and professional outcomes created by our faculty, students, staff, graduates, and collaborators.

We believe that the ability of our students to operate effectively across traditional boundaries, with a significant focus on “learning by doing”, will be critical to our success which, in turn, will be ultimately measured by the success of our alumni.  We continue to be committed to our students’ individualized personal development, to our faculty’s scholarly outcomes being influential and impactful, and to the ongoing development of our alumni.

An overarching priority of the Odette School of Business (OSB) is its focus on delivering a student educational experience that seamlessly integrates movement from theory-to-practice and practice-to-theory in all elements of School programs.  In addition to offering a high quality curriculum in term of relevancy and coverage, we are committed to adding value to our alumni and future students by increasing the visibility of the School through impactful thought leadership and strong engagement with the business community and other external partners.

Core Values

  •  We believe that students are our primary constituents and we are committed being a student-focused organization.
  • We recognize our responsibility to serve a broad constituency, primarily in Southwestern Ontario and contiguous areas.
  • We respect diversity of thought, perspectives and people.
  • We involve our stakeholders and encourage them to participate in the planning and development of new programs, initiatives, and activities.
  • We are committed to continuous improvements so we can deliver high quality business education and perform impactful research.
  • We affirm our commitment to intellectual contributions as this raises our credibility and adds value to the credentials of our students. 
  • We commit ourselves to prepare our students for the future, exemplify our values by serving as role models, and remain current in our professional fields.
  • We embrace lifelong learning and professional development of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • We are honest, fair and accountable at all times.

Our guiding objective is to provide a student experience that seamlessly integrates movement from theory-to-practice and practice-to-theory in all elements of our programs. Partnership drives this objective, with students, businesses, faculty and alumni working together. Strong staff at the administrative, program, and support levels are also key to effective partnering.