(l–r) Ali Sajjad, Micaela Muldoon, Ezza Nazzali, and Yasmine Captan presenting to the judges

Odette’s newly formed Deca U takes to the high schools

Business is more that crunching numbers.

In today’s world, it is not about what you know; rather, how you apply what you know. The members from the Odette School of Business’ newly formed Deca U team challenged the grade eleven students of Holy Names High School to analyze a case, develop possible solutions, and present their solutions for an evaluation based on their comprehensive and problem solving skills. This will be a new experience for the students to analyze case facts to create a practical application in the ever changing business and global environment.

This three day event – two days of in-class preparation followed by a presentation day – will teach students problem solving and team work skills; strength in these abilities is an asset when entering the professional world. On the final day the teams will have ten minutes to present their analysis and solutions which will be followed by questions from the judges; Odette’s accounting Professor Dr. Maureen Gowing, Deca U team co-president Tom Krizanovic and team member Jessica Newman both graduates of Holy Names. By introducing this type of Case Competition it will prepare young students for university expectations in a business school, as well as help them apply practical knowledge to the business and global environment.

“The creativity and enthusiasm were terrific. I’d encourage any high school student who is considering a Commerce degree to participate. Its fun for students to do and fun for me to witness their successes,” stated Dr. Gowing. The winning team was Loui Saroli, Spencer Riehl, Adam Lupton, and Steven Dal Bello.

Deca U is a university organization where students analyze real life business cases and compete against teams from opposing schools based on which group has best justified its solutions to the case. Deca U is new to the Odette School of Business and was started in the fall of 2009 by first year student Tom Krizanovic, and second year student Peter Guba. As this new team is still being established at the university level, Krizanovic wanted to reach out to this alma mater to give young students exposure to the types of analytical work that he has experienced in his first year of studies at Odette.

“This event was aimed at adapting the knowledge students learn in classrooms towards real-life business scenarios. The feedback from the students was very positive, with some students exclaiming how the event helped to improve their presentation and time-management skills.”