Post-graduate Certificate in Accounting

Odette Launches Post-Graduate Certificate in Accounting Program

September 2010 marks the official launch of the Odette School’s newest program, the Post-Graduate Certificate in Accounting. The goal of the program is to make it easier for students who may be working in the community to increase their knowledge of accounting and improve their ability to complete a professional accounting designation. Specifically, this 12-course program will allow students who already hold a university degree to complete many of the courses required for the CA, CGA, and CMA professional accounting designations, without having to complete a Business degree.

Demand for professional accountants has been strong for many years and is expected to continue to be so for the foreseeable future. At the same time, some professional accounting bodies now do not recognize accounting courses taken through a community college or any other non-university program. This program will help fill those voids. As well, students who do not wish to become accountants may benefit from our new program in that it gives formal recognition to their ability to understand and work with fundamental business and advanced accounting concepts.

Students entering the Post-Graduate Certificate in Accounting must hold a degree, in any discipline, from an accredited university. To graduate from the program, students must successfully complete ten specific Business courses, one specific Mathematics course, and one micro-Economics course; course prerequisites may also require students to complete other courses before graduating. The program does not confer a degree and is not a Masters degree: it is post-graduate in the sense that all students entering the program must hold a university degree.

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