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Odette students get an update on NAFTA

NAFTA looking to meet the requirements of the 21st- Century economy


l-r Tanvir Ahmed  (Bangladesh), Renato Delgado (Mexico), Rema Abukhadra (Canada), Ran Zhang (China), Shubham Singla (India) and Wagner Anderson (Brazil).


Representing six different countries, students from the Odette School of Business had the opportunity along with Dean Mitch Fields to attend the “Update on NAFTA 2.0: a Tripartite discussion” event in Detroit, in November 14. This event was organized by CUSBA (Canada – United States Business Association).


The main focus of discussion were the challenges that NAFTA is facing now and in the near future, as the agreement deadline approaches.


The speakers were Ms. Andrea van Vught (VP Policy North America, Business Council of Canada), James Dickmeyer (North American Competitiveness Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, former US Consul General of USA in Toronto) and Edmundo Elíasttorney (Partner, Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton). Acting as mediator for the discussion was Mr. Daniel Ujczo (International Trade and Customs Attorney – Dickinson Wright PLLC).


The most sensitive points being discussed at this moment are rules of origin, especially for the auto industry, agriculture and phytosanitary barriers, labour rules and telecommunications. In a dynamic business environment, where national administrations change, politics change, economics change, the question remains - how to accommodate such contradictory interests between the three NAFTA nations?


Although this seems an impossible task, the stakeholders are well aware of the major benefits of the agreement. As professional negotiators, they use all the resources in hand, including withdrawing the negotiation´s from the table at certain moments.


Tough negotiations – but the benefits of the agreement drives all the efforts to keep and improve it.


Odette students in the Master of Management program, representing six different countries were: Tanvir Ahmed (Bangladesh), Renato Delgado (Mexico), Rema Abukhadra (Canada), Ran Zhang (China), Shubham Singla (India) and Wagner Anderson (Brazil).