Odette building

Odette in the Community

No educational institution can succeed in isolation. That’s why we believe in being an integral part of the community, both drawing from its resources and contributing to its development. We are proud to be engaged in many partnerships with important stakeholders throughout the region, creating mutual benefits for all.

In this section, we’ve highlighted the variety of partnerships that have helped strengthen our teaching and scholarship resources – partnerships that, in many cases, have also strengthened the capabilities of our external collaborators.

Our executive and entrepreneur in residence programs allow us continual access to the expertise and experience of specific business professionals for extended periods of time. In addition, we host many other business leaders who join us for a day or half-day to share their expertise with students, faculty, and community members.

Our Management Advisory Board also helps keep us tightly connected to the business world by providing commentary on the relevance of our activities to actual business practice. Similarly, our MBA Corporate Partners program and EPICentre allow faculty-supervised student groups to work with real organizations in real-time business situations, helping to hone their critical thinking skills.

Always seeking to provide more learning opportunities for our students, we’re continually developing important new linkages in new sectors of interest – such as healthcare or immigrant integration. We are greatly appreciative of the continuing expressions of interest in working together that come from so many in our community and greater region.


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