Talal Al-Hayale


Office: Odette Building, Room 407
Phone: 519-253-3000, ext 3120

Doctorate (Ph.D.), Accounting, University of Wales, United Kingdom
Master's, Finance, University of Wales, United Kingdom,
Bachelor's, Accounting, University of Mosul, Iraq,

2011-2016  Academic Director-Master of managment, Centre for Excutive and Professional Education, University of Windsor

2010-2018  Associate Professor of Accounting, Odette School of Business, University of Windsor

2001-2010  Assistant professor of Accounting, Odette School of Business, University of Windsor

Research Interests:
Earnings Management, Accounting Conservatism, International Accounting

Teaching Experience:
Graduate Courses
International Financial Reporting
Accounting Concepts and Techniques
Core Concepts of Accounting II
Consolidated Financial Statements

Undergraduate Courses
Advanced Accounting
Accounting Theory
Advanced Managerial Accounting

Journal Publications:
(2018) Managerial Overconfidence and Audit fees: Effect of Managerial Ability, and Board and Audit Committee Characteristics, (with Santanu Mitra), Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, May.

(2017) the Effect of Managerial Stock Ownership on the Relationship between Material Internal Control Weaknesses and Audit Fees, (with Mitra, S; Bikki, J), Review of Accounting and Finance, 16(2), 239-259.

(2016) Auditor's Downward Switch, Governance, and Accounting Conservatism, (with Mitra, S; Bikki, J), Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 31(4), 551-581.

(2015) A study of the values of Jordanian accounting and finance students. (with Lan, G. & Gowing, M.), International Journal of Accounting and Finance, 5: 291-306.

(2015) the Role of Intent on Accounting Students' Ethical AttitudesTtowards Earnings Management. (with Lan, G. & Gowing, M.), Journal of Academic Ethics, 13(4): 345-362.

(2012) Contingent Effects of (SDLC) Critical Success factors on Accounting Information System Effectiveness Using Balance Scorecard Perspectives, (with Abu Khadra, H. and N. El-Naser), International Journal of Information Technology Project Management (IJITPM), 3: 38-61.

(2010) Financial Reporting on the Internet in the Middle East, International Journal of Accounting and Finance (Inderscience), 2: 171-191.

(2009) Transitioning to International Accounting Standards, (with A. Ong), Cyprus International Journal of Management, 14: 65-81.

(2009) the Quality of Information Technology and Its Impact on the Efficiency of Internal Auditing: the Case of Jordanian Industrial and Service Companies, (with S. Al-Arood), Jordan Journal of Business Administration (Arabic), 5: 475-496.

(2008)  Investigation the Perceived Security Threats of Computerized Information System, (with Abu Khadra, H.) Journal of Economics & Administrative Sciences, 24: 41-67.

(2007) the Effect of E-Auditing on the Quality of Evidence, Jordan Journal of Applied Sciences, 10: 175-191.

(2006) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Control Systems in Computerized Accounting Information Systems: An empirical research applied on Jordanian banking sector, (with Abu Khadra, H.), Journal of Accounting, Business and Management, 13: 39-68.

(2005) The Ethicalness of Earnings Management in the Middle-East: A- Survey of Managers and Auditors in Jordanian Companies, (with Lan, G.), International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation (Inderscience), 2(4), 399-413.

Research Activities:
2018, Reviewer- Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation.

2017, Reviewer- SSHRC Insight Grant proposal.

2016, Reviewer for International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, the Implication of       Information Technology on the Audit Profession in a Developing Country: Extent of Use and Perceived Importance."

2016, Moderator, American Accounting Association, Western Region Meeting.

2015 Reviewer, Journal of Business Ethics "Beyond Environmental Regulations: Exploring the         Potential of “Eco-Islam" in Boosting Environmental Ethics within SMEs in Arab Markets.

2012, Scientific committee member, conference of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA).

2011, Program Chair-Accounting Division (ASAC).

2010, Accounting Division Reviewer (ASAC).

2009, Reviewer, conference of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA).

2008, Reviewer, (ASAC).

2008, Session chair and discussant at the International Academy of Business and Public                     Administration Disciplines Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA.

2004, Reviewer, (ASAC) Case Track.

2003, Moderator, Emerging Issues in Accounting Conference, Niagara University Centre for International        Accounting Education and Research.

2014, Cross-Border Transportation Centre ($15,750), the Effect of IFRS on Canadian and US Cross Border Transportation Companies.

2009, Academic Development Travel Fund ($1,000), presenting a paper at the American Accounting Association presentation (AAA).

2008, Academic Development Travel Fund ($1,000), presenting a paper at the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Fredericton, NB.

2004, CGA-Canada ($2,300), the Use of Internet in Accounting Education in Canadian Universities.