Prof of the Year 2013
l-r Eahab Elsaid, Joanne Ramsay, Kent Walker, Eksa Kilfoyle, Vincent Georgie, Bharat Maheshwari, and Jim Marsh

Student recognize profs and excellence in teaching

The Odette School of Business Commerce Society recognized distinguished professors who have contributed to their Odette Experience at the annual BComm Gala event.

Students indicated that these instructors excelled as teachers and influenced their lives and careers.  This year business undergrad student body recognized the following professors for “excellence in their fields”:

Accounting - Eksa Kilfoyle
Finance - Eahab Elsaid
Management - Joanne Ramsay
Management Science – Bharat Maheshwari
Marketing - Vincent Georgie
Strategy - Kent Walker
Sessional Instructor - Jim Marsh