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Richard Peddie Case Competition Winners

l-r Dr. Richard Peddie, 2nd year student Zeenat Hirani, 4th year student Khaoula Hassani and Tom Peddie

The Odette School of Business held its second annual Richard Peddie Case Competition, the newest addition to the Richard Peddie Leadership Initiative. Five teams from all three programs – two from the undergrad BComm program, two from the Masters of Management (MoM) program, and one from the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program – competed for the $2,000 grand prize. Provided with minimal information because in business today you are not handed the information, you will need to dig for it! The student groups were challenged with developing and presenting their analysis and supported recommendations for Corus Entertainment.


After several days of research and preparation, the five teams presented their findings to the judges, Dr. Richard Peddie and his brother Tom former CFO for Corus Entertainment. Each team was allotted 20 minutes for their presentation, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. They were judged on their primary and secondary research, their development of quantitative and qualitative evaluation including market potential as well as their presentation skills.


The judges were very impressed with the quality of their presentations, how the students interacted with the power point and each other and the information gathered was fabulous. Tom Peddie was very interested in what the students had to say, he was at Corus from the start, a totally different perspective today. “A few ideas suggested didn’t work then but may work now”. Dr. Peddie stated, “at least three of the teams would have won last year”.  A few students felt that presenting to two powerhouse alumni was a bit intimidating but overall it was a great experience. Bridget Taylor from Team 4 commented that it was not as stressful presenting to these judges, compared to presenting in the classroom. “I didn’t feel any pressure, and the judges seemed very approachable, it made for a very calm environment”. One of the MoM team’s expressed how grateful his team was to present in front of this caliber of judges, one team member was from Bangladesh and only in the country for 20 days – the judges were impressed with that!


As in most competitions there is only one winner and that team was Team #5, a two-woman team of 4th year student Khaoula Hassani, and 2nd year student Zeenat Hirani.


Congratulations to all teams on a job well done!


Save the Date - Next year’s Richard Peddie Case Competition Friday, January 25, 2019