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Third Annual Richard Peddie Case Competition




The Odette School of Business held its third annual Richard Peddie Case Competition, the newest addition to the Richard Peddie Leadership Initiative. Ten teams from all three programs – six from the undergrad BComm program, two from the Masters of Management (MoM) program, and two from the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program – competed for the $2,000 grand prize.

Provided with minimal information because in business today you are not handed the information, you will need to dig for it! The student groups were challenged with developing and presenting their analysis and supported recommendations to a series of questions for Twitter. Questions touched on but not limited to; how to turn the company around after revenues have stalled, how to make Twitter more popular with youth, how to increase and retain users while adhering to their “Twitter Rules”.

After several days of research and preparation, the ten teams presented their findings to the judges, Dr. Richard Peddie and his brother Tom, former CFO for Corus Entertainment, and Rory Capern, former managing director of Twitter and currently Vice-President – Partnerships with Pelmorex Corp., operator of The Weather Network, MétéoMédia, and Clima brands.

Each team was allotted 20 minutes for their presentation, followed by 10 minutes of judges Q&A. They were judged on their primary and secondary research, their development of quantitative and qualitative evaluation including market potential, how they responded to the judges’ questions, as well as their presentation skills.

The judges were very impressed with the quality of their presentations, how the students interacted with the power point and each other and the information gathered was fabulous. Tom Peddie was very interested in what the students had to say, “Differentiation in business is very important. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat platforms are all about “me”, Twitter is about what is going on “out there”, – hard news happening in the world, it was interesting to hear how teams broke down the different platforms demographically and frequency as users.” A few students felt that presenting to three powerhouse judges, especially a former managing director of Twitter, was a bit intimidating but overall it was a great experience.

Dr. Peddie explained that the values of a company is what you should use as your guide, “relate a company problem back to a company value”.

One of the MoM team’s expressed how grateful their team was to present in front of this caliber of judges, one team member from India, just started in the program 2 weeks ago!

Capern was very impressed with the quant analysis presented by each group, “Your opinion is interesting and your data is fascinating, you need to prove everything with data. Values drive a business, the question becomes do you adapt or hold the line, be data-driven”.

Overall the judges recognized all the participants for getting involved in this competition. A few take-aways from the judges: “Seize the opportunity, this stuff makes you better, stands out on your resume, authenticity always wins, be data-driven, don’t be afraid to differentiate, make a decision – especially when uncertainty is a player. Remember values drive a business.”

As in most competitions there is only one winner. It was a tough decision as there were five teams neck-in-neck.

The deciding factor came down to “What would you do to make Twitter more popular with youth? The team that won took the stand that youth are not Twitter’s target market, the youth of today are interested in other social media platforms. Twitter should shift the focus to the 25+ age group - and that team was Team MBA, - Charlie Connell, Jacob McCourt, Martin de La Orden and Mackenzie Siddall.


Save the Date - Next year’s Richard Peddie Case Competition Friday, January 24, 2020