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WIN Presents a Transition Briefing for Healthcare Supply Chains


The Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health) and the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) are proud to present a Transition Briefing on Supply Chain Innovation in Health Systems authored by Dr. Anne Snowdon, CEO of SCAN Health and Chair of WIN. The transition briefing is released as part of Ontario 360’s 30-on-30 initiative to put forward 30 public policy ideas for Ontario over next 30 days.

Medical error is now the third leading cause of death in North America behind only heart disease and cancer. Dr. Snowdon identifies an information problem in Ontario’s healthcare system caused by an underdeveloped supply chain infrastructure as a contributor to these serious adverse events and medical error. Transformation to advance supply chain innovation across Ontario health systems would mean that patients, products and care processes are tracked and traced, enabling numerous benefits to patients, providers, health systems, innovators, governments and citizens.

Case studies conducted by WIN create the first empirical evidence of the system-level impact of implementing supply chain traceability using GS1 global standards. Based on the case studies' key findings, Dr. Snowdon outlines six recommendations for an integrated supply chain to address the information gap in Ontario’s healthcare system. To read the full transition briefing, please click here.

Ontario 360 is a project of University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance. Its purpose is to scan Ontario’s challenges and opportunities and develop evidence-based public policy ideas for dissemination in advance of the Ontario election and during the post-election transition